Uzm. Dr. Metin Yurdakoş

Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Specialist


After graduating from Ankara Gülhane Military Medical Faculty, he started his medical profession as a Medical Lieutenant within the Turkish Armed Forces.

He completed his residency in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at Ankara Gülhane Military Medical Academy.

He gave seminars on ergonomics to the Turkish Armed Forces personnel working under different conditions while working as the Health Branch Manager of Edirne 4th Infantry Division Command.

After his residency, Dr.MetinYurdakoş was appointed to the Turkish Armed Forces Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Hydro-climatology Centre in Bursa, where he served as Chief of the Clinic until 1999.

During this duty, he conducted research on Physical Therapy Rehabilitation, Spa and Wellness Centres in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary and Canada on behalf of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Dr MetinYurdakoş, who served as the Chief Physician of Tatvan Military Hospital, retired from the Turkish Armed Forces with the rank of Colonel and settled in Bursa.

He contributed with his knowledge and experience by taking part in the overseas research trips of Bursa Governorship and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for the development of spa and health tourism.

Dr.Yurdakoş established ROMMER Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre in 1994 in order to carry out his studies on rehabilitation, maintaining a healthy state and improving the quality of life, which is his field of interest, and since 2006, he has been continuing to provide services at the international level with the ROMMER INTERNATIONAL brand by increasing the variety of services.

Yurdakoş has 5 international and many domestic publications related to his profession.

He is the President of BUSAT(Bursa Health Tourism Association) and Chairman of the Health Committee of BTSO (Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry).