Health From Bursa's Healing Waters ...

Health From Bursa's Healing Waters ...

The healing waters, one of the most valuable elements used in spa treatment, are benefited from the scientifically proven beneficial effects in the treatment of pain, neurological – pediatric rehabilitation, obesity and rheumatic diseases.

It is also used to relieve stress-induced pain as well as delaying skin aging.


Romm International Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation center in Turkey / Bursa in domestic and many patients English abroad, Russian, experienced medical staff can speak in Arabic, offers a successful rehabilitation service with comfortable accommodation, variety and healing waters in Bursa.

Accommodation needs of our patients coming from outside of Bursa and accompanying guests are provided in five-star and four-star hotels located approximately 200 – 500 m (3-5 minutes) away from our Center and in our homes with social facilities specially designed for our patients.

Detailed information: +90 444 22 48

Extension: You can reach us by phone numbers 136 – 143.

For our paralyzed or disabled pediatric patients, transfer service is provided to our center by taking them from their homes and to their homes with the vehicles within our center after their treatment.