Kalite & Değerlerimiz

ROMMER International Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medical Center


  • Providing service that meets international quality standards and is focused on patient and employee satisfaction
  • Being the leading institution in the follow-up and solution of patient rights
  • To provide qualified health service with hospital infrastructure and comfort compatible with patient and employee safety
  • Bringing together technological infrastructure and expert and qualified staff
  • Continuous training of staff using measurement and improvement mechanisms
  • To provide quality service to a large segment of the society


To be respectful, innovative, reliable and continuous in health care in solidarity and cooperation

To increase productivity with professional development and continuous education within the framework of ethical rules. To provide effective, quality patient care and treatment services under the leadership of patient and employee safety

  • Accessibility
  • Smiling
  • Prestige
  • Hygienic environment
  • Patient privacy
  • Effective communication
  • Team work
  • Patient and employee safety
  • Quality and result oriented