Uzm. Dr. Tuncer Onuktav

Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation Specialist


Born in Van, Dr. Tuncer ONUKTAV completed his high school education in Van Atatürk High School. He graduated from İstanbul University Medical Faculty Military Medicine

Dr. Tuncer ONUKTAV has completed Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialization in Ankara Gülhane Medical School in 1974 after his troop service in the 1st Armored Division.

He served in Erzincan-Bursa-Çorlu Military Hospitals as a specialist.

Retired from Turkish Armed Forces, Dr. Tuncer ONUKTAV preceded his work in his private practice for some time. In 2013, upon closing down his practice, he has started his duty in ROMMER Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center.

Combining neural therapy with other methods when necessary and treating his patients, Dr. Tuncer ONUKTAV continues to work in the field of acupuncture and prolotherapy.