ROMMER International Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medical Center; Presents physical therapy and rehabilitation applications by using advanced technology and thermal water together in Turkey’s history, thermal and natural city Bursa.

ROMMER provides medical service since 1994 in Bursa, with its experienced, professional staff consisting of Physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists, such as internal medicine specialist,, endocrine/metabolism specialist, nutrition and dietetics specialist in addition to physical therapists, occupational therapists, physical theraphy technicians  and nurses.

ROMMER aims by using computerized special balance devices, robotic rehabilitation systems and ergotherapy interventions to treat patients with hemiplegia, rehabilitation of children with disabilities, swallowing and saliva control rehabilitation observed in disabled children and adults with paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, MS disease having balance, sitting and walking problems by determining the right treatment methods so that they can perform their activities at full capacity; At the end of the rehabilitation program, patients are allowed to perform their daily activities independently and painlessly and to improve their quality of life.

All centers of ROMMER benefitting from traditional spa medical techniques and thermal water; in the treatment of dysfunctions of waist / neck hernia, back pain, fibromyositis, knee pain, soft tissue rheumatism, joint rheumatism, joint prostheses and all kinds of orthopedic operations, by following developments in physical therapy field up-to date, with modern device track and Professional and cheerful staff, it serves successfully to its patients.

ROMMER while offering physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to many patients nationally and internationally and while providing comfortable accommodation with its experienced health personnel who are able to speak in English, Russian and Arabic languages and accompanying patients and companions when they are healing, also the unique nature of Bursa and healing waters satisfy its guests and provide a successful rehabilitation service.