Ozone Therapy  is a safe, effective and scientific application which is used to improve our health and life quality.

It has been the most important part of traditional and complementary medicine all over the world to maintain a healty state and to protect the body from diseases.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy:

  • To increase metabolism rate: Ozone therapy increases the amount of oxygen in all body cells. Metabolic activity begins to accelerate due to increased oxygen content in the cells and instead of storing fat-calories burning is ensured.


  • Anti-Aging Effect: Some changes and wears occur in our body over the years. However, Ozone Therapy gives people a sense of rejuvenation and anti-aging energy increase.


  • Strengthening of Immune System: Ozone is a suitable complementary method for both people suffering from a variety of diseases and also for avoiding these diseases. Especially seasonal flue etc.


  • Chronic Non-Healing Wounds: Mainly Diabetes (sugar) related foot wounds and all other type of wounds like limb and regional wounds, compression sores due to prolonged bed staying, non-healing wounds after surgery, burns and infections are the application fields of Ozone Therapy.


  • Detox Effect: Protection from possible damages of harmful toxic substances which are produced in our body takes place through the purification. Therefore Ozone Therapy can also be described as ‘washing out of the blood’.


  • Pain Relief Effect: It is an important complementary / alternative method to eliminate the cause of pain.


  • Improving Quality of Life: Ozone therapy is an ideal therapy for stress, work tempo, mental and physical fatigue. By the help of Ozone, blood cells become activated, people feel renewed and their physical performance increases.




There are several methods of Ozone Therapy which are defined differently according to type of diseases. Frequently used clinical application methods:

  • Major Autohemotherapy
  • Minor Autohemotherapy
  • Rectal Insufflation
  • Vaginal Insufflation
  • Ear Insufflation
  • Nasal Insufflation
  • Bagging
  • Cupping
  • Intramuscular Injection
  • Subcutaneous and intradermal lesion injection
  • Intraarticular Application

Ozone cream