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Prosthesis: The treatments done for the lost teeth; lost function, phonation, and for the aesthetics of the outer tissues that support the teeth.

Teeth loss affects foremost the digestive system with circulatory, respiratory and a lot more systems following it. Not only does it affect the quality of someone’s life it, makes diction disorders, anxiety while smiling and with this lack of self-confidence, and all the way up to social communication disorders causing negative effects related to the patient’s profession.

Some applications of prosthesis in dentistry:

  • Laminate veneer crown
  • Model analysis and smile design
  • Zirconium supported veneer crown-bridge
  • Metal supported porcelain crown-bridge
  • IPS empress crown
  • IPS e.max crown
  • Acryl sectioned or complete prosthesis
  • Over-implant prosthesis
  • Snoring apparatuses
  • Other chin and face prostheses


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