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Periodontology is the division of science which the treatments of some micro and macro tissues related to gingiva are made after some examinations.

There are a lot of periodontological illnesses related to lack of hygiene but also there are some that are not related to hygiene. There some that are caused by the patient’s metabolism, their systemic illnesses/their conditions, disfunctions in chewing, breathing from the mouth, and the medication they use.

The basic symptom of this is bleeding from the gingiva tissue. And also, redness, swelling, sensitivity, bad breath, and itching can be added to this basic symptom.

If the periodontological illnesses are not cured, generally the tissues that support the teeth’s erosion happens. This erosion’s following states makes the teeth loose and useless. Even though there is not a real problem with the teeth, teeth losses occur.

The main reason for the periodontological treatments are to prevent teeth loss and making the existing teeth’s base stronger. It includes things like, oral hygiene education, cleaning the tartar, flep operations, flattening the root surface, mucogingival surgeries, band tissue and gingiva grephty applications and a lot more treatments. This clinical division also does the treatment called gummy smile.

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