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Pedodontics: The process of forming and the growth of teeth starts at our mother’s wombs and goes on. The first teeth start to appear when someone hits their 6-month mark. Keeping track of the on-going growth and formation process until someone is 13 considered as pedodontics.

We call the first appearing teeth milk teeth. When the child gets to 2.5 years old this growth generally completes. In total people form 20 milk teeth distributed equally to the upper and lower chin parts. By the time the child gets to 6 the first permanent teeth start to appear and when the child is 11 or 12 the second grinder eruption happens and it leaves us only with the permanent teeth. The time span when the child has bot permanent and temporary teeth is called complex dentition period.

In this clinical branch:

  • Milk and permanent teeth’s root canal therapy
  • Space maintainers for the lost teeth
  • Conservative and preservative therapeutic approaches
  • Coating milk teeth with steel crowns
  • Fissure sealant and flora applications
  • Fixing broken teeth caused by falling or accidents
  • Treating gingiva illnesses
  • Bruxism and chin joint treatments


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