What is Cerebral Palsy?
Cerebral Palsy is an illness that puts some movement limitations to the patient due to
brain damage which occurs in early ages.
Why Does Cerebral Palsy Occur?
If the child got it while pregnancy: Generally, this happens because of the chronic
illnesses that weren’t controlled (blood pressure, diabetes, goitre etc…), the diseases
caused by infections, or some medication she could give up.
If the child got it during birth: Usually, it happens when the cordon of the mother
wraps the child’s head or not getting oxygen for more than normal, early childbirth, and
underweight babies can have this problem.
If the child got it after birth: The things that can cause this are brain/cerebral cortex
infections, cerebral haemorrhage, high level and on-going new born yellowness.
Does Cerebral Palsy Have Different Types?
%80 of the child patients have a lot of cramps, caused by the muscle being unable to
be loose, characterized, spastic type cerebral palsy. Some child patients have cerebral palsy
where you have loose muscles and is called the hypotonic type or dystoniatetose type which
a lot of movements occur unconsciously.
Is knowing If the Child Is Healthy or Not Possible as a
If the children have continuous discomforts, cannot get their sleep well, weird
cramps occur in their muscles, they are always making a fist shape by putting their thumb
inside their palm, or the baby only uses one hand of theirs, then seeing a doctor may be the
best option.
If they cannot raise their head even though they passed the 3 rd month mark, they
cannot sit when they are 9 months old, cannot walk despite they are 15 months old, their
legs crossing when you hold them from a little lower than their shoulders, only using their
arms while crawling, when you try to make them stand them standing on top of the tip of
their feet, and scissoring them are important. In these situations, you should definitely call a
How Often Does It Occur?
Cerebral Palsy occurs once in every 20 births. This chance goes down due to the
increase in awareness/development level of the community, pregnancy tracking and with
the right birth techniques used in a hygienic place.

The Curing Stage
The curing of the illness is a work of a team that has child diseases experts, child
neurology experts, physical treatment rehabilitation experts, dietetics and nutrition experts,
and psychologist. In some occasions orthopedy and brain surgeons are needed for some
operations. The focus point of all these treatments must be the family of the patient. If the
family is aware, patient and spends time and effort for their child that will help the child as
much as the team does.

Why Would Cerebral Palsy Need Physical Treatment
and Rehabilitation?
The diagnosis of the problems related to movement, planning some methods and
applying them in a right way is really important. It is the purpose of Physical Treatment and
Rehabilitation to make some muscles loosen/tighten up, boosting the balance and their
coordination skills and come up to the most mobile the child has ever been. All these
improvements happen slowly but consistently so it has a big effect in children lives with CP.

Domiciliary Care
The consistency to do the taught Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation program is
really important. If the child has to get some nutrition support then getting some
information from the dietician, when the cramps are really frequent, the tracking of the
medication given by the expert doctor is also very important for the success