Oral Implantology

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Oral Implantology: Implants and Implant based prosthesis offer a helpful way for the patients to recover from teeth loss or other tissues. Implant is a more ideal treatment than the old stick the original tooth so it fuses with the bone and grows naturally again technique. It is generally done with the help of titanium. It is tissue friendly. However, we cannot consider all Implant procedures as Oral Implantology. But these are what we do in terms of oral implantology:

  • Getting 3D information about the bone morphology and anatomy from the system CT (Computer Tomography).
  • Making augmentations for the bone and soft tissue (e.g. increasing the height of sinus, making the thin bones thicker, restoring the lost bone tissue, fixing the ptotic tuber area)
  • Fusing the bone with the implants
  • Making temporary or permanent prosthesis for the implants.
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