Oral Diagnosis

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Oral Diagnosis:All the illnesses, disorders, malformations, deformations inside or outside the mouth, chin and the face getting diagnosed, also, discomforts about other systems but is related to one of these parts’ diagnosis is done in this clinical division.

These evaluations go from the patients smile, posture, the way they talk, the shape of their teeth, their teeth structure, their gingiva level to its colour to the size of the tongue; chin, and face. We examine the test to figure the liveliness of the teeth, the quality/quantity of the saliva, chin joint problems, inhaling from the mouth/ seeing if the air canals are open or not, and the diagnosis of symptoms for conditions like bruxism. Additionally, the patients general state of health and the medication they take gets investigated.

Getting the patients’ radiographs is related to this division of dentistry. Oral periapical, occlusal, bitewing, extra oral cephalometric, panoramic, chin joint films are used to diagnose and investigate the patients’ illnesses. When its necessary 3D tomographies are observed to do some measurements.

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