Chin Joint Disorders

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Chin Joint Disorders: Our upper chin is stationary unlike our lower chin which is connected to our bodies with a special joint. This joint has a complex structure and it helps us the talk, eat, laugh, bite, etc…

If any coordination disorders occur within in this structure or somethings are not right then we call the things that happen Chin Joint Disorders. These T.M.E illnesses have these symptoms:

  • Pain in the joint (generally confused with ear pain due to its placement)
  • Severe pain near the face and throat area
  • Tinnitus
  • Pain while chewing
  • Mouth getting locked (open or closed)
  • Hearing click noises or rattling while moving the mouth

T.M.E  illnesses can be treated with preservative plates, by changing the near useless joint liquid, or when it’s so severe; with surgical operations.

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